Friday, 12 August 2011

Happy Birthday To All Men-Kind!

This week it is the 40th anniversary of those creations of Roger Hargreaves – the Mr Men [and the Little Misses]

mrmen Banner

I shall be back to blogging later, as right now I have things to do. We had a super day yesterday, but not quite as I had expected it.

In the end I was being…

little miss busy

…until almost midnight! So today we have decided to take things very slowly. We did not go running at 7.45am, as we have on the previous 3 days. It is nearly 10am, and I have only just drunk my first cup of tea – brought to me in bed by…


…who has returned to bed with his book.It was good to see my bro and SIL yesterday. They commented favourably on the progress of our diet, which was encouraging. We feel like…

L Miss tinyMR_Skinny_CVR-1

More news from Cornerstones, and these two later…

LM_Sunshine_CVR-1mr hAPPY


  1. This is intriguing, Little Miss Mysterious!

  2. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Little Miss Naughty x

  3. I have decided to become Ms. Skinny for the sake of my knees! You are setting such a fine example. . . . . Now enjoy that tea! ~Liz


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