Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Come Fly With Me!

belfastI’m getting alternately excited and nervous – on Friday I am going away for the weekend – to stay with blogfriend Mags in Belfast.

Excited because it will be wonderful to meet her, and her family – nervous because I haven’t been on a plane for about 6 years and I have only been on about seventeen flights in my entire life. “And I have never flown on my own!” I wailed “The pilot will be there with you” said Bob. “No, I meant without another member of the family beside me to hold my hand” I explained.


My ticket is booked, my passport [with hideous photo] renewed, clothes washed and ironed…

sleeping womanBut I have yet to ensure the house here is straight, there is food in the fridge, and all the other important tasks are completed. PLUS I am still working hard at the 30 day declutter challenge.

I just hope I don’t fall asleep when I get there and miss all the fun things which Mags is planning.


  1. Belfast is beautiful - but maybe I'm a tad biased because I was born and brought up there. No, definitely not!

    Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to hearing about it


  2. I'm sure you will be fine Angela. I love flying on my own, although I usually fly long haul on a non 'low cost' airline with meals, entertainment and often some spare seats beside me! It must be such a short fligt to Belfast it will be over before you know it. Have a great weekend and I look forward to reading about it next week.

  3. Oh how lovely!! You'll be fine on the plane, it's only a short hop (about the same as to here). Just make sure you dont hold a stranger's hand!

  4. I"ll be praying for you, Ang! I know you are gong to have the most wonderful time with Mags! JOY!

  5. Have a great time and enjoy yourself! :)

  6. I moved to NI earlier this year and I hope you won't be disappointed. It is not great, I'm afraid. However, I'm sure you will have a good time with your friend. Enjoy the flight!

  7. I'm getting a bit nervous myself! Why am I here and not washing the bathroom, despite the fact that it's 23.19! It rained all day today, but there'll be none left by the time you get here....

  8. Oh, my goodness--Ang and Mags! I wish I could be there, too. Can't wait to hear about your trip, which I'm sure will be lovely!



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