Sunday, 6 November 2011

What A Weekend!

A quick post to say I have had a brilliant weekend – here’s Jane and me in the ‘World Peace Cafe’ on Saturday. [Both looking anxiously at Bob who is wielding the camera!]


I will post more about what we did and where we went later – and some of the food we ate. This evening I took Jane to the coach station and Steph to the railway station, and now it’s just Bob and me again…

It was really lovely to actually meet another blogfriend- and discover that we got on incredibly well. We’ve had lots of fun and I’ve enjoyed showing Jane round this lovely part of the world where I live. Thank you Jane, for spending some of your time in the UK here with us.


  1. Fantastic! I recently met up with a blogfriend! Fantastic! Check out Tubes xxx

  2. I for one would be extremely interested to know what you did and where you went with your lovely guest. Just for reference!

  3. What fun it must have been to meet Jane!

  4. I had a wonderful time with you all!
    Jane x

  5. Jane - we all LOVED having you here!!


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