Monday, 18 June 2012

The World In A Box

It is childish, I know, but I do get excited when my quarterly Approved Food Order arrives. They have a very efficient parcel tracking system – and last Friday I got a text message at around 9am, saying my parcel would arrive between 9.40 and 10.40. It came at 9.43!


This order cost just under £20 [including p&p]


I got 24 packs of couscous, 5 pouches of olives, 8 naan breads [vac-packed] 3 cans grapefruit, 4 packets of oatcakes, 2 bags of [rather tasty] muesli, a large jar of instant drinking chocolate [Fairtrade, of course], 8 Golden Syrup mini loaf cakes [yum!] 3 packs of seeded bread mix, 3 bags of wholemeal flour, a jar of seafood sauce, a pack of Ryvita, and 2 packs of delicious Dandoy Belgian speculoos biscuits. Bob loves these – here is the shop in Brussels which we visited in August 2000 with the girls.dandoi shop

65 items in all - that works out at around 30p an item.  At full price I would have paid around £60 for this little lot.

And there is food from all round the world in this box - England, Scotland, Belgium, Spain, India, Turkey, Australia…


  1. I received a delivery this morning and was also very impressed with it all - a similar assortment of bits and bobs, including recycled toilet paper, fountain pens and popping corn...they are an excellent organisation and an easy way to keep the storecupboard stocked.

  2. A real bargain! Enjoy everything.. especially the Belgian biscuits! Jx

  3. This sounds amazing . Is it worth investgating for a one person shop? I make my own bread and use several of the stuff you listed

  4. Yes- even for a one person shop it is worth trying out. But the bread mix/bread flour is not always available- get on their email list, and they inform you of whats on offer.
    But I think you need to spend at least £15 [p&p is £5] to make it worth it.

  5. What a brilliant idea. Now we are in England we shall be able to take opportunities of shopping like that too!

  6. Great idea. And cheap. Hope you have a lovely week

  7. Replies
    1. Sorry Mags, there didn't seem to be anything Irish on offer this week!


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