Saturday 9 May 2009

Bowled Over!

The Music Group from Church [plus spouses] went tenpin bowling this evening.




Don't you just love the shoes- I feel like I ought to be in the circus!!




Superb t-shirts worn by Gary [Save Shrodinger's Cat] and Simon [Statler and Waldorf, Grumpy Old Men]  but as usual, my awful photography crops  half their heads!


The girls were concentrating very hard although on average the boys scored more!

The Thomas family were star players.


Friendly rivalry between husbands and wives - here is Janice scoring more than Ian!


Bob was having a great time, here with Ken, Gary and Paul



But things changed- for the first time in thirty years I actually scored more than he did!!!

We all had a really good time at the bowling alley, then we went off to The Bull's Head for supper.

It was still quite light when we arrived, and the displays of pansies outside were stunning.

They are such pretty flowers!


The food was OK - but the service was definitely rather slow, we felt!


Thanks, Lynda, for arranging a lovely evening. Much laughter and good conversation with friends.

A great way to relax at the end of a very busy week.


  1. Y'know, we drive by that pub when we go oop Coalville way, and the DH always says we should stop for a meal. Perhaps not if they're a bit on the slow side, my lot can't wait too long for a meal!

  2. My meal was great - but service was Very Very Slow - we were booked in for 7pm, but didn't get our meals till gone 8.

    the Red Cow a bit further up the road [LFE not LFW] is good!!

  3. Cutting half of my head oof on a photo isn't necessarily a bad thing!!


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