Saturday, 2 May 2009

This Baptist is not in Bournemouth!

Bournemouth Seafront For the first time in years we are missing the Annual Baptist Assembly Meetings. This year they are in Bournemouth, on the Dorset coast.  I usually really enjoy going, but for various reasons, it seemed wise to give it a miss this year.


The theme is all about Baptist Identity. No doubt Catriona et al will blog all about it, so I shall catch up with their stories later. I'm sorry especially to miss the Connexion Meeting, getting together with all the other ministerial spouses and hearing all the news.


However, I notice that BUGB are aiming to make Assembly a "Carbon Neutral" event - so my contribution has been to not travel all that way, to not collect multiple handouts from the Exhibition, and to not burn any midnight oil whilst having late night conversations with friends!

I wish BUGB would make the online programme a little more informative though - it doesn't say which seminars are when, or give any information about groups like Connexion.

Next year the Assembly is in Plymouth. That is even further away - and I would have thought the total number of miles travelled by delegates would be greater. In my youth, I came to an assembly in Leicester. That was nice and central! Mind you, we didn't get to be beside the seaside.

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