Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Who'd be a Baptist?

bu corevaluesAnother quick book review. But I am not mentioning any authors - they all seem to use Google Alert these days and comment when you have referred to their books! At Housegroup, we have recently started the 5 Core Values Study Book produced by the Baptist Union

There is a lot of material in each study - and I admit we haven't always done the 'activity' [too many of us in the group involved in childcare/education and already spending our daytimes cutting and pasting and stuff, so we aren't keen to do it in the evening as well!]  and Bob has been producing a helpful A4 sheet with extra relevant Bible passages and questions.

baptists_are_weird But the studies are good at helping us to establish where we are coming from and giving us a framework for explaining that to others.

Perhaps we should get ourselves some tee shirts from this site.

Thanks Julie for the link!




  1. For some reason no one can seem to understand I undertook the 'Baptist History & Principles' course at the same time as my husband, during which I also studied the '5 core values'...

    I like the 'baptists are weird' t-shirt, but I'm not sure I'd wear it outside of church!! :)

  2. My husband is Baptist--Southern Baptist, which is its own country. I'd like to get him the "Baptists are Weird" tee shirt, but his mom would kill me!

    We attend a Moravian church, which is as close as a Baptist and an Episcopalian are going to get to a compromise. Still, I suspect that deep inside, my husband will always be Baptist. I think it's hard to shake once it's inside your system!



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