Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Full English, Please!

We met early at church this morning with people from other local churches in our 'Cluster' for a Prayer Breakfast. Beforehand, I was very organised, and took pictures of our wonderful Catering Crew, headed up by Gwen, who were preparing the food.


Gwen and Simon at the stove




Here is Ken organising the coffee.

People started to arrive very promptly, and were soon sitting down expectantly, hoping for breakfast.

Cereal, juices, fruit and bread plus toasters were all laid out ready [please notice Lynda's wonderful Sheep Toaster]

The cooked breakfast was lovely, and the bacon and sausages especially fine! Thanks Gwen and team.






At this point in the proceedings, I started chatting to people I hadn't seen in ages, and enjoying a wonderful cooked breakfast - and forgot to take any more pictures!! But it was really to good to hear all the news from different fellowships - we rejoiced with the church whose youth work has grown so much that they are about to appoint a Full-Time Youth Worker - and commiserated with the church whose building project has been held up, because there may be Civil War relics buried in the plot, and they must therefore have an expensive archaeological dig before new buildings go up. Oliver Cromwell has a lot to answer for!

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  1. I love these meeting times, its so good to catch up with people. Your prayer breakfast sounds such a nice time.


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