Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sign of the Times

The little shop at the other end of the road from our chapel closed last year- it has been a shop for years and is fondly called "The Mace" by some villagers, although it hasn't been connected with that brand for quite a while. Now it is being turned back into a residential property.

I wondered, when I drove past today, if they will paint over the advert on the wall

DSCF0014 I did try a sip of Mackeson once, and didn't like it at all - well meaning people were trying to persuade me it would boost my flagging iron levels during pregnancy! Mackeson was brewed originally at Hythe in Kent, and for many years the Mackeson family lived in Littlebourne [the village where Bob grew up]

Whatever one's opinion of the product, I do like these old painted advertisements - and I think it is a shame when they disappear!


  1. I LOVE mackesons! And guiness - I have two great-great grandmothers who were dubliners, perhaps that's why I like guiness ;). The English Mackesons is a bit sweeter but delish. I drank it when I was iron deficient once. A yummy excuse to imbibe.

  2. I hope they don't paint over the sign--we have lots of old signs downtown, advertising businesses and products long gone, and they add a lot of character and visual interest to the scene. May they never be painted over!



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