Friday, 15 May 2009

Fantastic Friday!

I spent the morning in school - first teaching Year 1/2, then measuring up the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Jesters for their play costumes. They are such lovely children and it is a real pleasure to get involved with the Year 5 production like this. Got home for lunch and found a surprise parcel waiting for me.

Seraphim, my young blogfriend from Gloucester had sent me an unexpected jiffy-bag of goodies.  This is particularly thoughtful of her, because she gets married in July, and I am sure she has got far more important things on her mind right now [like a bridegroom, a bathroom and builders!]

Here's what was in the bag






a very pretty handmade card










ribbons, fabric and beads





Some lovely card-making embellishments with a 'bath-time' theme [two of each of these - I love the little soap and the towel rail]



One glorious pink hat








A cross-stitched bookmark - on incredibly fine Aida.

Isn't the stitching beautiful?







And some soap and handcream. Yes, I did think it was a small block of cheddar at first - but closer inspection, and the lovely perfume, proved otherwise!

A very timely gift as I have a number of special birthdays coming up in the next few weeks. I'd better get crafting. So thanks, Sera!

Tina at Cinnamon Whirls has a lovely post today about Blogland Friendships.


The graphic she uses is all female [I suspect it is a Brownie/Guide image] so I apologise to the blokes who are reading this.

I'm grateful to God for all my friends - male, female, in Blogland or wherever. Have a good weekend whoever, wherever you are!

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  1. Thanks for popping into my blog! A lot of the photos in the Henry Bloggs Museum were donated, through me, by my father, who took a lot of photos of Cromer in the old days. There's even a pic of me, about 2 years old, in a little woolly bathing suit!!

    And what a lovely gift to get!


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