Friday, 1 May 2009

Food For Thought

My friend Seraphim has a lovely post today linking to the Times Archives and articles about thrift during the years of WW1.thriftiness 

I am trying hard not to end every other sentence with "No, we can't afford it, we have a mortgage to pay" but nevertheless, I have always adored such articles and devoured them with relish [that's home-made relish, made from windfall apples and onion gluts]

Another link to wartime food - Liz and Jon were able to visit Scutari on their recent visit to Istanbul - it was great to chat with Liz on the phone last  night and hear all about it.


Not only did the nurses Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole work here during the Crimean War - but this is also where the great chef Alexis Soyer [one of Liz's heroes] set up his army field kitchen. He was an amazing man, larger-than-life, who was not only a gifted cook, but also passionately concerned about the health and welfare of the people.


One final thing on the subject of food - this past couple of weeks I have had a couple of occasions to serve cupcakes. I used my IKEA Hylte cakestand [mine is in pastel pink/cream/beige shades] The stand certainly made the cakes look more impressive and generated lots of comments. It's all in the presentation!

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