Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Cornerstones - again

Sunday night Bob preached on "Honey from the Rock" - it was fascinating - I hope he posts the sermon onto the church website soon, I could do with listening again, there was so much in it to think about. Lots about God's blessings being far more abundant than we can ask or think.

Then we drove over to Norfolk. We had decided not to do too much on the one day we had there. But Bob did assemble the bedside cupboards


With the rugs and the new lamps, it is beginning to feel much more cosy.

And he put up the remaining curtain rails, and I hung curtains [although I shall have to take them down again next


time, when we paint the walls. I also peeled off the much-scribbled-on fairy border, and Thomas The Tank border - leaving a strange stripe round two rooms at window sill level. A coat or two of paint will help there.

I cut up my old kitchen tablecloth [Flowers and Fruits of the Bible Print] and lined the kitchen drawers.

That was a remarkably satisfying, and fairly relaxing activity.




And I made lots of cups of tea, which I carried through on my new tray. That cost 50p in one of Leicester's newer PoundShops.


This definitely comes into the category of "Cheap and Cheerful"

Somehow we forgot a hammer and a hacksaw - but Adrian kindly lent us tools.


I'm still excited about the bungalow - God has blessed us so richly.

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  1. It's so satisfying to fix a place up, isn't it? Especially a place that's new to you and filled with potential. Have fun!



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