Saturday, 2 May 2009

I-phoned, I-sewed, I-covered !

iphone Everybody [else] seems to have an I-phone these days.

My friend Sarah is very proud of hers - it has all sorts of useful extras on it, like The Bible, and a Sudoku App - and other stuff as well.

Two weeks ago, when she was demonstrating the usefulness of her new toy, she lamented the lack of a proper cover.

I offered to make one. The following day, she duly presented me with five plants [three tomatoes, two courgettes] which seemed a very fair exchange. So I have been making covers. This is a bit difficult as I haven't got an I-phone to hand to check the size - but I think I have the right dimensions.

DSCF0003 Here is the selection produced this evening.

[that's just a piece of paper with a picture of an I-phone!]

Sarah can have the three on the right - the pirate is destined for someone else.


[Various patterns available on the Internet - most suggest a 15cm square of fabric will be the right size when hemmed and seamed]


  1. I dont havwe one either Angela, and wouldnt know what to do with all those bits and pieces. My (ordinary) mobile has a dear little knitted sock to live in, courtesy of France Telecom!!

  2. I wish I were the Sarah with an iphone ;)

    Cool covers!

  3. Unfortunately when I took them to church this morning, to check the size on my mate Paulk's I-phone, I discovered there is a little switch on the side that catches on the stitching - EVERY time you move it in or out of the case. Back to the drawing board! Just made some more, LARGER cases.
    Hoping these fit!

  4. I-Phones are beyond me, but I love those covers. They'd work for a deck of cards, too, don't you think?



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