Friday 8 May 2009

S is for Suppertime

t is for trespass Bob and I both enjoy reading the Kinsey Milhone "Alphabet" detective series by the American writer Sue Grafton.

In the last one we read, KM kept making her favourite snack - a peanut-butter-and-pickles sandwich.

So Bob decided to try this out.

Initially I mocked him - but then tried one for myself.

DSCF0014 Sainsbury's low fat Peanut Butter, IKEA pickles, and Aldi wholemeal bread - which all have a moderately low GI rating. So such a sandwich can't be too bad for you, can it?

Yes I know it sounds weird - but do try it!


  1. My question is, will you try it again?


  2. that sounds like the most amazing thing ever- I can't believe you were sceptical!

  3. This one has definitely gone onto the "Good Snack" list!!

  4. Oh yuk, Angela. Leave it to Kinsey, definitely! I just do not like peanut butter. Now cheese and a bit of chutney, that's another story1
    We enjoy Sue Grafton too.


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