Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Happy Birthday Liz!!

A few months ago, Liz sent me a Fat Quarter of cute 'tape measure' fabric. I have finally found a use for it -


I have made a case for the camera Bob bought me just after my birthday [the ancient HP, held together with gaffer tape, really was not working properly any more] Here is the new camera - picture off the Internet, because I cannot take a photo of it using it, other than doing complex things with mirrors!

fujiA100 It is a Fuji A100

We got a very good deal in Jacobs Camera Shop. the man did try to sell me a case for it, but I am not wasting money on that sort of thing [mortgage to pay etc etc] when I can sew my own in 10 minutes!


The HP now feels like a housebrick in comparison - this is so neat and tiny, and I am very pleased with the results. I love the case too - thanks Liz for the cool fabric.

It is Liz's birthday this week, so at last I can blog about another of my craft makes. I think it is important at sewing Club to make exemplars for the girls. So earlier in the year, I got some very pretty butterfly print fabric in John Lewis



And I used it to make a pair of pjs like the ones the girls were going to make.

I got a white vest in M&S for the top and embellished that. So that's going to be part of L's birthday gift.




Hope she likes them and hope they fit!

Sorry Liz, the other part is not post-able, and will have to wait.



Here's a picture of my lovely daughter taken in Budapest 4 years ago.



Hope I can get down to London again before too long - I miss my kids!





  1. Cool makings! I love the jammies especially.

  2. What beautiful fabric! Never seen that tpae mesure one!

    And you have a lovely daughter. You must be very proud of her.

    I'm not a sewer or knitter, fingers don't work so well now. But I still write!

  3. Thanks for my lovely gift! It was really thoughtful and I'm sure they'll be much appreciated as the nights start getting warmer. Hope you're enjoying "Cornerstones" (although I must protest at your use of quotation marks - it's either a proper noun or it ain't!)
    And thanks for using a picture of the young and skinny me!

  4. Love all the sewing--you always make such clever things.

    Happy birthday to Liz!


  5. Ok Liz, from now on, it will be just Cornerstones! You are as pedantic as your father when it comes to the English Language!
    Thanks everyone else for the comments


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