Thursday, 21 May 2009

Keeping Busy

DSCF0015 Life is nothing if not varied round here. Yesterday I prepared lunch for the Street Pastors' Committee Meeting. The fruit platter was very popular [as were the mini donuts]

DSCF0017 The pretty little kebabs [a cube of feta, a basil leaf and a cherry tomato all speared on a cocktail stick] were an idea I saw in a Sainsbury's magazine.

Anyway, whilst the committee ate and talked, I worked in the Church Office preparing my Sunday school lesson.

Bob had prepared a Powerpoint about Street DSCF0019 Pastors. I did wonder what the weird logo in the middle was - apparently it is an outline map of our local council district!

After it was all over, I cleared up the Hall.

I came back to church later on for Sewing Club - the girls are working hard to finish their pjs, and now are sewing a set of new tablecloths for the Church. Ann had brought her wonderfully expensive machine down to show them - they liked using DSCF0021 that!

We are doing eight cloths in four different colours of fabric, which should look good when we've banquets to cater for.

It is good practice for them to sew long straight hems!


Some people wanted to be photographed for the blog, but couldn't resist mucking about -Here are three girls- one of whom has her pj shorts on her head.


Susan maintained her cool and continued instructing Kate about apron frills.


After it was all over, we cleared up the Hall for the Church Meeting.[which was short and sweet!]

Then we cleared up the Hall for the Drop-In

Today was Gillian's last day as Administrator. We took a surprise cake to the Coffee Drop In, and Stella presented her with a gorgeous plant. Lots of people including our Beat Bobbies turned up.


We are all very grateful to Gillian for her hard work in our Church Office.




So many different things happen on church premises - eating, sewing, meeting, praying, singing, laughing...

After that, Bob and I went and took a communion service at a local care home, then I came home and finished off my Sunday School stuff. Quick plug here for a brilliant book/CD set called

ClickArt Christian Graphics

broderbund christian graphics We have had this book about 10 years now, and it is fabulous for producing bible themed worksheets/colouring sheets etc for Sunday School stuff/Church publicity. It costs quite a bit to buy - but we have certainly had our money's worth.

And then as a complete change, I altered a pair of maternity trousers for a friend. She found they were too big at the waist so I put a casing along the back, with a length of elastic with buttonholes. She can now adjust the elastic to fit, and let the waistband out as she expands!



A very satisfactory alteration job there!

Bob's got another meeting tonight, so I plan to spend the evening making birthday cards. I am keeping very busy at the minute, but I think this is probably what is known as a "coping mechanism". Charlie our dog is not well at all, and I am feeling very sad about visiting the Vets this coming weekend.


  1. Isnt it hard when you keep going, doing things, and all the time there is this worry at the back of your mind. I hope you have better news from the vet.

  2. You sound like the Duracelle bunny :)
    Sorry about Charlie - will be thinking of you.

  3. What lovely looking food for your Street Pastors! I am sure they deserved it.

    And my namesake, Gillian - wish I was as goood-looking as she is! Church Offices are hard work, I know!

    Just found your blog, so called in. Do hope your dog is soon better. They can never explain what is the matter, can they?


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