Thursday, 7 May 2009

James 3:5

 music Just had a lovely day at school. One of the best things about this school is the quality of the singing - this afternoon we were able to listen to the choir performing their Summer Concert. The teacher who leads this group gives hours of her time to help them to sing well, and it really shows. But the whole school enjoys making music, and this morning's Assembly was good too, when all the children sang today's song with real enthusiasm. It was one from the brilliant Out Of The Ark company who produce superb stuff for schools and churches.

Here's the first verse and chorus [listen to it here]


Do the words that we say help to make a brighter day?

Do they add something to our lives?

Are they grateful enough?

Do they build each other up?

Are we careful to be polite?

The tongue's a tiny part of the body, but such enormous harm can be done by it

Everytime we open our mouths we need to ...

...think before we speak!

I read a good post on Lucy's blog about the tongue recently.

But now I am off out again to our ladies group - where I am sure there will be much conversation - but all uplifting and positive and friendly, I'm sure.

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  1. Cool words and very fitting to what's been flitting around my head today. Sounds like poetry that doesn't it? :)


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