Saturday, 30 May 2009

Getting Cornerstones Ready

After our Bank Holiday relaxation, we spent some time working on redecoration of Cornerstones. Tuesday we did some gloss painting and ripping out of old smelly carpets – and lots of sitting about reading and eating fruitcake. Wednesday, Bob fetched a van load of stuff from home, whilst I painted the dining room and bedroom #2 [and also myself- he called me “Ol’ Blue Hair” on his return!] Thursday was “flat-pack day” and also the man came to fit the carpets.


Bob had purchased a little tool in Homebase called a “Bonsai” and rapidly became very fond of it.


I thought bonsai meant “pretty little trees” but we now wonder if it means something like “Small but strong”

The dining room was previously a child’s bedroom, and was in serious need of repainting. You think it is only going to be a quick ‘slap on a coat of emulsion’ task – then you realise the one room has paint in shades of cream, green, yellow, lilac, orange and white. Not to mention the scribbles.


I got a bit bored at one point


But in the end we got all the tasks on our list done, and Marion, Lucy, Madison and Chris called round to admire it all and drink tea with us.





We brought a picture from home – Liz was given this on her 11th birthday [so it is exactly 16 years old this week]


Noah is saying to his son “And whose idea was it to put the termites below decks?” It looks good against the blue paint.

Friends who have visited our home will recognise this blue – from the lounge, hallway, stairs and landing there. I am very fond of this shade – and we got a job-lot in B&Q Sale years ago! I became even more fond of it when a visitor [who knows lots about interior decor, but less about my parsimonious habits] asked “Is this blue paint ‘Farrow and Ball’ ?”

Do you think I can persuade people that the dining room is not Homebase magnolia, but is in fact the highly expensive F&B shade known as 'string’?


Other pictures are just leaning against walls, waiting to be hung properly



However, on Monday Bob found a set of three prints in a shop in Wells which fit the Cornerstones theme beautifully – and they are now along the wall of the hallway – so all our visitors will know what matters to us…


Friends continue to give us housewarming gifts -



We have used the tableware lots this week! Meals are still being prepared with camping stove and microwave, as Belling have somehow ‘mislaid’ the cooker which was ordered and paid for in April.

Full marks though to Goff Heating Oils who came very promptly and filled the tank, the Council for sorting out a Garden Refuse Bin within 48 hours, and the lady from TV licensing, who believed me when I said we had no TV or Internet access here yet. I was expecting a struggle on that one!

Thank you too, to Chris, who let me use her PC to sort out some Internet banking though. Friends and family have been incredibly helpful this week.


  1. Your house looks so lovely. I don't much like painting, but I do love how it transforms things. Still, I don't know that I'd paint over the Love Bob door. Everyone deserves that sort of shrine in his own home!


  2. It all looks so lovely :)
    Isn't it around Wells that they filmed "Kingdom"? Love that series.
    What excellent taste you have - I have B&Q Magnolia in two bathrooms & kitchen - and so many people think it's a posh paint - I also used it in our old house :)And Greg has the same blue in his room - lovely!

  3. Yes - they do film Kingdom in Wells [my sis-in-law saw Stephen Fry in Sainsburys once!!]

    I wish you could all drop in for a cuppa

  4. Wow what a transformation. Your home is looking so glam. Hope you got to relax a little.


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