Monday, 18 May 2009

Wandering round Wet Wistow

In the past couple of weeks, a number of people have said how nice the Rural Centre at Wistow is. So after a morning in school, and some lunch, Bob and I decided to spend what remained of his Day Off by driving over there.

It was exceedingly damp! There are a collection of shops - but unfortunately many of them seemed to be closed today. Behind the lovely garden centre, which had some beautiful plants, was the Model Village.We braved the deluge to have a look at it - and thought it wonderful





We were amused by Jack Hall the Undertakers - whose sign read

"The Good Lord may call 'em straight out the hearse - but they need to be gift-wrapped, so I want 'em first!"

The School was looking rather the worse for wear though.


DSCF0018  The village is about twenty years old, apparently and has over 75 buildings.

It is free to look at but opportunity is given to support local charities.

The rain was getting heavier so we dived into the Tea Rooms for tea and scones.

The Farm Shop was open, with a wheelbarrow of Lincolnshire Caulis outside



So I bought one and made some cauliflower cheese for Bob's tea


Cold wet days cry out for warming comfort food!

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  1. Wistow is indeed lovely. I took Cathy Witham last year and it was a lovely afternoon out. Mum liked it and she bought quite a few cross stitch kits for me there. There was a sewing shop there but it isn't there anymore. You would have really liked it.


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