Sunday, 1 May 2011

Baptised For The Sake Of The Gospel

Yesterday I went to the Saints On The Street Seminar. Chris Duffett challenged us to do some evangelism this afternoon in the middle of Blackpool. He gave some of the team baskets of sweet Blackpool Rock and stickers saying “I’m secure” – they had to give them out and explain that God is our rock and we can find security in Him. Others had trays of cakes, and signs saying “A Prayer and a Cake”. Some had “Free Hugs” signs. I had a sign saying “I will listen”

I sat on a bench. First a guy came up who wanted to tell me all about his political views Cameron and Clegg. I listened patiently [couldn’t get a word in!] and he told me that “All politicians break their promises” I said I trusted God, he never breaks His promises. He said saw where I was coming from, and walked away.

The next two ladies had questions [Where is Chris Duffett? Does the cash machine work?] I told the second one Yes, and pointed the first in the direction of the fountains up the hill


A group of teenagers came up. Why was that guy giving free hugs? We got rock, and God makes us secure? If I eat the rock, am I eating God?….

For twenty minutes we had great conversation – they had so many questions about faith etc – and said most adults didn’t bother to listen or answer.

Then Corinne said “I want to run through the fountains” Her mates told her to do it. She said she was scared to do it alone, and tried to persuade them to go with her. None of them would “But I really want to do it!” So I said [foolish woman!] “OK, I will do it with you” “REALLY?” I said we’d have to hold hands- I wasn’t having her chickening out and leaving me on my own. She agreed, and I gave my bag to a member of the team to hold so my phone etc wouldn’t get wet. And we ran through the fountains, screaming and giggling together.

“That was amazing!” she said “Thanks!”

“But why did you do it for her? You are soaking wet”said her mate

I looked at these kids, who were gobsmacked at the sight of a middle aged woman soaked through. I took a deep breath and said

“A minute ago, we were talking about Good Friday and Easter. All I did was get a bit wet for Corinne. Jesus did more than go through a fountain for you, he went to the Cross and died for you. Next time you come into the centre and see the fountains, remember this mad little woman, and then remember Jesus loved you and died for you”

They looked thoughtful, and then they all splashed about a bit, and went off to get into dry clothes. I bought myself a coffee and went and reported back to the team.


If it has made those kids think about Jesus, the soaking was worth it!


  1. What a brilliant way of demonstrating the gospel.

  2. Ah, Ang, what a lovely thing to do. They wont forget that lesson.

  3. What a great story! I bet that girl--and those kids--will always remember what you did, and when they do, they'll remember your message.

    I like your kind of evangelizing.


  4. Wow! Sounds like you had a great time and touched many people's lives with Good News.

  5. I would have loved to see the faces of the team as you arrived, squelching across the floor with a huge smile on your face!
    Jane x

  6. I wasn’t having her chickening out and leaving me on my own.I bet that girl--and those kids will always remember what you did, and when they do.


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