Friday 11 May 2012

Another Slice Of Life

I just happened to mention over the weekend that I frequently found myself fancying a mandoline. No, not a musical instrument – Bob already has an ancient one of these in the loft. No idea why…

goodgrips mandolin3

No, what I want is a food slicing device. But every time I see them in the Lakeland Catalogue, frugality wins, and I tell myself a sharp knife is quite adequate.

But when I said it the other evening, Jon immediately said “I have one you can have” [new and unopened!]

And now I am the proud possessor of a Good Grips Hand Held Mandoline

goodgrips mandolinegoodgrips mandoline 2

It is brilliant! There are three thickness settings, plus a safety setting to stop you catching your fingers- and a food-gripping device. The edge has a little lip, so you can hook it onto the rim of a bowl. I have used it to slice carrots and cucumbers for a healthy salad. The thinnest slices of cucumber would not be embarrassed to fill the sandwiches at the grandest of Vicarage Tea Parties!

The carrot did leave alarming orange stains on the plastic- but washed off easily, returning it to its original pristine whiteness.

Thank you Jon – this is a great incentive to making more salads and sliced veg! It is also quicker for a small quantity than getting out the processor.

I must ask Bob what we’re going to do with the mandolin in the loft…


  1. I'm afraid I go a bit wild....chop everything in sight it looks too much fun!
    Jane x

  2. I've always wanted a mandolin, too--both kinds! Maybe Bob could play the mandolin in the attic while you slice cucumbers in the kitchen.


    1. Just because he OWNS one, doesn't mean he can actually PLAY the thing!!

  3. I like the banjos best, but the mandolin seems more mannish.


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