Monday 21 May 2012

Knäckerbröd Råg!

Which sounds like a Swedish tune played during one of those Scandinavian police dramas** I have been watching recently. But it isn’t - it is the name of crackers from IKEA.


These are really tasty with cheese and pickles or paté [or Nutella or peanut butter – but such decadence is not to be enjoyed too frequently!]

The problem is the packet – there is a red plastic tear strip – but once you have ripped it, the whole packet falls apart. And the crackers are the wrong shape for my rectangular Lock’n’Lock boxes. Then I spotted an empty tin which I had been using to store pens.


It came from a Poundshop in 2004 [there’s a Use By date on the bottom]

I dug out some red holographic sticky-backed plastic [left over from making a display about lights and flames at school, ages ago] and cut out pieces to cover the tin and the lid.

One pack of Knäckerbröd fits beautifully into the tin.

And it looks bright and cheerful on the supper tray.

DSCF3787**I have now watched all twenty episodes of The Killing.

I was quite pleased that my chief suspect from episode four turned out to be the Perpetrator in the end. I did get annoyed with some of the plot twists – and it is clear they were setting up for a sequel. But I vote that one 9/10


The Bridge on the other hand, ended on a rather disappointing note. There were one or two points where the police seemed quite dense, and we found ourselves saying “Now on CSI they would have…”  7/10

So Sara Lund and Troels Hartmann get my vote. As they say

there is nothing like a Dane

but I spotted an awful lot of IKEA furniture in both series! Also, The Killing had lots of good sandwiches and pastries being eaten. Did not see any Knäckerbröd in either drama [unless it was also stored in a disguised tin]

I love covering things with sticky-backed plastic. Last week a lady actually asked me if I had ever worked on Blue Peter. Sadly, not!


  1. i watched the killing as well,as soon as fostermummy mentioned it i was hooked, trouble was i couldnr do anything else as i had to read the subtitles.
    i have also watched home land thats good.

  2. Yes, I agree - Homeland WAS good. Looking forward to The Killing 2 and Homeland 2, whenever they appear.

  3. When our IKEA opened Kelli and I fought the crowds and explored. We haven't been since and I didn't get to the downstairs where they have all the food stuffs. Must go.

  4. I've just followed your link from Dreaming of a Cottage..... blog Angela. Sadly I've never seen any of the Scandinavian series, didn't see the beginning and husband didn't fancy them.

    I do however have a download of the knitting pattern but doubt whether I have the patience to do that in the round stuff on sweater sizes.

    On the subject ot knitted squares - have you ever done mitred knitted squares? I have yet to try them.

    I think our local IKEA was the first in the country? and I have had things like pans, cutlery holders, bedding, chests of drawers for upstairs. I once bought 2 single mattresses to put together on our KS German bed, but unfortunately after 6 months I had to take them back.

    Angela, I have a biscotti tin I got from Aldi and suddenly decided to use it to put my digestive biscuits in, although I like to have the tins as they are just to confuse people.


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