Thursday 31 May 2012

Finding Fun #5

finding fun

Carolyn’s challenge this week is hands.

I remembered that the material for the Covenant Service from the Baptist Union has this image


This reminds me of those times in the playground, where two of us would lock hands and make a seat for a friend, who’d put her arms round our necks and we would carry her, giggling up the path. These hands support one another and work together.

mickeymouse hands 1932

These hands were drawn in 1932- designs for Mickey Mouse – and the beginnings of the ‘three-fingered-cartoon-hand’ tradition.[On the Simpsons, only GOD is drawn with four fingers!]


This lovely quilt is based on the traditional Shaker saying “Hands To Work and Hearts To God”

I have that saying on a bookmark stuck on the shelf above my desk


I love the Mendhi patterns my Asian friends paint on their hands [they brush them over with lemon juice to make them last longer]


But my ‘handy’ fun was at Sunday's Fun Day. I am too old for Face Paints, and anyway they are not pleasant in such hot weather. But I had my hand decorated with a lovely butterfly.


It lasted all afternoon! Two Jessie Willcox Smith ‘hands’ pictures




say grace


  1. I can see you really got into the spirit of Finding Fun this week Angela. The shaker inspired quilt is lovely, and I noted it down in my "Anya book" as we could make a lovely one cutting and sticking paper, and use it to teach her bible traits. Which is a plan later.

  2. What a wonderful handy post. Love your butterfly, that was a great idea.

    I've always wanted to have some mendhi on my hands, I love the designs.

  3. Hi f-r! There are LOADS of h&h craft ideas

    The bookmark is one I made with a Sunday school class years ago - I used a hand punch and heart punch and prepared lots of shapes beforehand, and then we used gluesticks to make the book marks.
    At Christmas I use my hand and heart cookie cutters to make hand biscuits with heart holes - and also salt dough ones for tree ornaments.

    Loved YOUR post today with DD pouring water - brilliant maths and science for toddlers

    blessings x

  4. A biker chick with a 'tattoo'!
    Jane xx


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