Wednesday 30 May 2012

Cutting Comments

“Wave goodbye to wonky wedges, say hello to uniform slices prepared with ease”

So declares the Lakeland website, with regard to its electric slicer. I have been interested in these since Jon got one, and since Froogs posted about hers. I didn’t feel like ‘splashing the cash’ though.

But now we’ve been saying goodbye and hello too. Jon very generously gave me his ‘spare’ slicer [don’t ask!] when we were with them the other weekend. It is great fun to use.

I bought and cooked a small gammon joint, then sliced it. The meat sits neatly on the platform, and is held in place by the ‘pusher’


The blade is adjustable[turn the big grey knob] for different thicknesses. You slide the platform back and forth, pushing the meat against the blade, and the slices come neatly out of the back of the gadget onto the tray [supplied] The blade spins more slowly than I had expected – but that’s a good thing, I think.


Here’s the picture from the catalogue, which shows both sides at once. It is all very efficient, and cleverly designed.

from catalogue

I now have a box of beautifully sliced meat in the fridge ready for sandwiches and salads. Everything comes to bits for cleaning – but two comments- the blade is viciously sharp [my hand is healing nicely, thankyou!] and it took me about three times as long to wash and re-assemble as it did to slice the meat and dismantle the gadget.

I have sliced ham, and Bob sliced a chorizo sausage the other day. We have yet to try it with cheese or bread. But on the whole, very pleased with the gift. I can see why Jon [who cures his own bacon etc – check out his blog] finds his slicer so useful. Thanks Jon, I am sure I will use this more and more in days ahead! Here’s an old joke

Did you hear about the grocer who sat on his bacon slicer and got a little behind with his orders?





  1. When I met my husband four years ago, he had a meat slicer tidied away in the back of a cupboard. Since we've been trying to eat more healthily/frugally, the slicer has been brought out of hiding and is used at least once a week. A marvellous machine!

  2. Is all that dismantling, washing, putting it back together worth it? Cut it manually and have one knife to wash! I wonder how long it will be before it's shut in the cupboard permanently!

  3. I need one of those! Not that I ever slice meat, I usually buy it ready sliced. But as a small child, my career ambition was to replace Mary, the lady who worked the meat slicer in our local Co-op. I was a strange child...
    Lynn P

  4. Thanks for the comments - hoping that Kay's comment proves true for us. I think that being able to cut lots of uniform slices from a large ham will be useful. Gadgets are there to be used, not to languish in cupboards!

  5. I've had my slicer for nearly 10 years, and it's still used regularly.I use it for bread, cheese, ham and other meats.Using it means that I can get more slices out of a loaf or a ham. It does live in a cupboard but I let it out for fresh air quite often!


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