Friday 18 May 2012

Of Trolls And Troels

trollFirst up, trolls. Just to say a huge and heartfelt thankyou to everyone who sent such thoughtful and affirmative  messages of support after last weekend’s little unpleasantness.

And now, moving swiftly on …

Troels. OK, I am way behind the rest of many of you on this one. But I am only just getting into this series [thanks to Steph]


For complicated reasons, I never managed to watch it when it was on TV last year. But then Steph recently lent me her boxed set.

It is 5 CDs, each containing four hour-long episodes. I’m about halfway through. Lack of supply teaching this week, plus feeling over-tired means I have spent a little more time than usual in front of the box, with my knitting in hand.

troelsI loved Borgen [Bob will insist on calling it Bognor] and have spotted some of the Danish actors from that in this. I adore Sarah Lund’s Scandinavian sweater. I am fascinated by the politician, Troels Hartmann. [One of the policeman is played by an actor called Troels, too]

Anyway, I am finding the series quite gripping. Watching with subtitles hasn’t been too much of a problem. I have even learned some Danish words.

The Danish word for Pastor is…Pastor

The Danish word for Fund-raiser is…Fund-raiser

And the Danish word for Housewarming is …Housewarming.

It seems Prince Charles and Camilla enjoyed the programme too, and the Duchess visited the set last year.

Liz alerted me to the fabulous picture of the wife of the heir to the throne carrying a weapon!

camilla gun

Somehow you feel that this is just crying out to be used in a caption competition.

They also gave Camilla one of the jumpers.

She has passed this on to Janet Street Porter [after JSP said it would make the wearer look like a tea-cosy] with a note saying ‘for your teapot’. I think Steph would look extremely good in the sweater. Not sure if I could carry it off though.


I couldn’t possibly knit a two-colour complex pattern whilst watching TV with subtitles. I am busy making more squares, which I can do [almost] without looking now. If Borgen is Bognor, then this must be


Please don’t tell me whodunnit [I have my suspicions though]


  1. and now there is 'The Bridge'!
    and I've never managed to knit two or more colours and for it to look good! tele or no tele!

    1. I am reserving comment on The Bridge till after it finishes at the weekend!

  2. I think Camilla would be a hoot at a party (especially after a coupe of G&Ts)
    Jane x

  3. That second photo of the D of C would also make for a very good caption competition - especially if the caption were of the thought-bubble variety.

    1. How about "How awful! still I can wear it at chilly Balmoral in the summer, and hope it doesn't frighten the deer"

  4. You had a blog troll?

    I've had some trying anonymous comments recently on my blog. I allowed most but it got a bit ridiculous in the end and I deleted the last few because they were obviously goading me with no intention of actually entering into a reasonable discussion. I have a comment policy now (which is funny considering I have so few visitors to my little blog, I never thought I'd need a comment policy!).

    Hope you've had no more trollish behaviour!

    1. Fortunately the troll appears to have moved on. But I know some friends can only manage to comment by using 'anon' and then signing their name at the end, so I am reluctant to automatically ignore 'anon' posts.

      This week has been full of lovely comments, thank you!!

    2. My anon signed herself/himself under a number of different names. But it was all the same person. I really don't mind dissenting comments, but this person had no intention of a discussion.

      I did consider disallowing anonymous comments entirely on my blog, but like you I do sometimes get some genuine comments by people who don't have a Google (or other) account.

      Glad you've had lots of lovely comments since. You have a great blog!


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