Monday 7 May 2012

Been Up To London To Visit The Queen…

…well, if not the Queen, then at least the Queen's House. The trio travelled by car to Greenwich, and strolled through the Park in the rain [Mr Toad glared disapprovingly at the sign forbidding entry to caravans]. They observed all the construction work for the forthcoming sporting events – and the mysterious signs.


“But all the trees and flowers seem quite still” said a confused Mole. The Queen’s House was a splendid edifice – “almost as elegant as my wonderful Toad Hall” declared Toad, grandly.


Inside Liz held our friends up to the window, so they could see the wonderful view down to the river, through the two parts of the Naval College buildings.


It was raining heavily outside, so much time was spent inside, admiring the great works of art.


Mr Toad was thrilled to spot a picture of his favourite monarch. “Dear Henry VIII – a man after my own heart, fond of good food, good wine, music and parties. He certainly knew how to enjoy himself, didn’t he? Please take my picture alongside him!”

After that there was much enjoyment of the bustling streets of Greenwich, and meeting Steph and Mark for lunch.


“Whatever is that?” said Ratty, spotting a Pearly King in his Taxi. Mole felt his outfit was rather gaudy, but Toad pondered on the possibility of getting himself a suit made up, suitably embellished with pearl buttons.

It would make an interesting change from his usual bright tweeds, after all.

Then it was .time to climb back up the hill to the car. Great excitement when Ang and Bob met dear friends Andrew and Eleanor, out on their tandem [so much excitement, that nobody remembered to take a photo of their spectacular velocipede] Eleanor reads the blog – so deserves a special mention!!

DSCF3729At the top of the park, the three rested on a bench to get their breath back. “Look – this has been given in memory of a woman as small as Ang!” cried Mole.


“When I die” pleaded Ang “Please do not install a bench anywhere, saying ‘she loved this spot’ will you?”

“We couldn’t” said Bob “You never stop anywhere long enough for us to know which spot to put it in!”

Everyone laughed and went home for tea.


  1. Oh I can just see Toad as a pearly king!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day

  3. Loved Bob's comment about the bench ,Hmm now what else would you like instead ?I think I'd quite like one of those plaques on the pier at Southwold ,though I haven't decided what the inscription would say,daren't leave it to the family,so better get thinking hee Jan xx

  4. Awesome! They lucky boys! I especially like the photo of King Henry VIII! How grand!
    I think Bob is exactly right! I highly doubt anyone could ever accuse you of sitting in one spot for long, Ang.

  5. Interesting stops on this tour! Talking of benches we have a family bench in the park at Colchester! It's very nice to visit and sit on it and think about all the relatives who sat on it too!


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