Wednesday 23 May 2012

Crumbs, Crimbo, Crippen ?!

The home secretary, Theresa May, has confirmed that she wants to introduce a radical overhaul of measures to tackle antisocial behaviour, replacing Labour's asbos with new criminal behaviour orders – already dubbed "crimbos". I am not entirely convinced about this new term. Chris Evans has already said on his programme that “crimbo” is an accepted slang for Christmas, and he doesn’t think it should be used for criminal behaviour orders . The OED cites the first printed usage [chrimbo] to 1928. They credit John Lennon's 1963 usage in a Beatles' Fan Club Christmas single as the first recorded use of the variant form.


Personally I loathe the term crimbo for Christmas. It’s up there with ‘winterval’ and ‘happy holidays’ [I don’t mind Xmas- since medieval times. X has been the accepted abbreviation for Christ, and it’s good to be reminded that Jesus was born at Bethlehem- then died at Calvary on a cross]

But then I heard that as well as CRIMinal Behaviour OrderS she is proposing CRIme PrevEntion iNjunctionS – I suspect that it is only a matter of time before these get reduced to Crippens!

In case you cannot remember what our Home Secretary looks like, here’s a collage of pictures. I refrain from making comments about ‘crimes against fashion’ [or ‘dressed up like a Christmas tree’!]


Maybe she just has a lot of fabric in her Great Stash which she wants to use up. But even the PM looks to be in despair beside her.


  1. Ha ha great post Angela and as for the fashion faux pas ... does make you wonder doesn't it! And how sad that we have a society in which we need to keep coming up with terms for people who stray instead of looking at why and putting energy into stopping crime - mmmm xxx

  2. Her thinking is as muddled as her dress sense.
    Jane x

  3. I too cringe at the word Crimbo ,Hmm fashion guru ?..not Jan xx

  4. If she does have a great stash it's been in the attic for a very long time judging by some of those fabrics, and what on earth was she thinking about with those boots?


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