Friday 18 May 2012

Fish On Fridays

We’ve had a very piscatorial diet over the past week, and have eaten kippers, coley, pollock, mackerel and trout.

trout in pailotte

Two weeks ago when we were with Liz and Jon, they kept singing the song of the Fish Man [Very very good, one pound fish!] The full story is here. And here is a YouTube clip of this cheerful guy – who deserves to sell lots of fish simply for trying so hard!

very very good…

The trouble is, once you’ve heard this song a couple of times, it sticks in your head. I have been wandering around singing “Come on ladies, one pound fish, six for five pound, one pound each…” at quite inappropriate moments.


  1. "Piscatorial" - good word! How nice to live on an island where fresh fish is plentiful.


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