Tuesday 8 May 2012

Day At The Races


Leaving Liz and Jon, laden down with all sorts of random exciting items [to be posted about another time] we motored off to Sandown Race Track for our annual visit to CRex


This year was very good for ‘freebies’ – we came away with Bibles, pens and more. It was good to see a number of friends too…

silentlight angel

Heather, from the Silent Lights company was there, and she and I discussed the success of our village lights last Christmas, and how wonderful it would be if lots of Christians in the village put up angel lights outside their home!

I also met Matt, who works for Cunnings Recording Associates. He belongs to Steph’s Church. What a nice chap!

Although I had not met Matt before, we have done lots of business with this excellent PA firm over the years.


There were some very good exhibits, but there were fewer stands than previous years – and the cost of refreshments was incredibly high. Thank you Indigo Valley for the free cup of coffee!

iv logo

IV provide us with the excellent Fairtrade coffee and tea we serve every Sunday after church, and at other events. A very helpful company.

I encountered the Onwards and Upwards Publishers too. I had a fascinating chat with Diana from the company, and also with author Prue Robinson. I mentioned blogging, and they were very interested in the idea. I think they were amazed when I said that a; I posted at least once a day, and b; this blog gets read daily by more people than the average pastor has in his congregation every Sunday.

Here’s Diana [and her son, I think] , busy tracking down Christian Writers.


Maybe one of these days I’ll neglect The Blog and write The Book.

But now I really must neglect the blog and do a mountain of washing, sort out school stuff for tomorrow, and tackle the ‘List of jobs to do on return from London’…

sainsburysI did remember to order an online shop from Sainsbury’s to be delivered shortly, so we will have food to eat tonight!


  1. No dont write a book in favour of your blog ,do.... erm both ..love Jan xx

  2. Rob was at the CRE today for CCLI - he was interviewing people about how their church uses its licences!

    1. I am SO sorry I never saw him, I would have gone and had a chat!


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