Wednesday 2 May 2012

On Being A Muxloe Woman

Liz has alerted me to this waistcoat in the Joules catalogue. I confess that I was not aware that my village had a specific garment. Personally I feel it costs about ten times as much as I would want to pay – and I don’t think I have seen any of these being worn round the village. And I am not sure it is my style [love the red wellies, tho]

muxloe giletmuxloe gilet2

“Muxloe Women's Gilet

Steeped in country charm and as ridiculously charming as it is practical, this women's tweed waistcoat will be a delightful addition to your wardrobe. Nothing says classic British country style better and with a floral print lining it's sure to satisfy your need for tweed. Semi fitted for a feminine edge. Reduced from £99.95 to £49.95”

muxloe3muxloe 4

It comes in a sensible navy, or a brown described as ‘Hardy Tweed’ and the lining is a fabulous floral print. I am endeavouring to live up to their idea of a Woman Of Kirby Muxloe -

  • ridiculously charming
  • practical
  • delightful
  • classic British style
  • with a feminine edge

Oh yes, that sums me up perfectly, don’t you think?

[well, the “ridiculous and practical” bit is definitely true]


  1. I would though, add "Delightful"!
    I like the waistcoat but, it's definately a 'Hunting ,shooting, Fishing' style noneless.
    Perhaps in another life? (Financially).

    Sandie xx

  2. What a fun discovery! I love random pieces of information like this, especially about my local area.
    x x x

  3. I do rather like it! The hype is so funny, though, and just shows how little writers thinks about the meaning, rather than the 'feel' of their waffle. I wouldn't wear it unless I found it in a charity shop, but that's mainly because my body is warm but my arms get cold, making me a cardy lady, not a waistcoat woman. (Or gilet girl, sans doubt...)

  4. Ha! Rather like the Joules catalogue myself. Although at those prices,only in a browsing capacity you understand

  5. Yes,you for sure...especially the red boots!
    Jane x

  6. Actually I quite like it ,but as you say not at that price,and very rarely wear jeans these days and certainly don't wear johdpurs,I think I would look like Max Wall in the ones they wear now ,But yes the description is good ,hee hee Jan xx

  7. Another vote for "delightful"! Oh, I love those wellies. "Wellies" is such a better word than "rubber boots."


  8. Hi Angela , I can never email you . It always says your email set up is in default

    The sewing machine man ! my machines always go to Steve who worked at Supreme before it closed . He has been to my home this morning to pick up the Bernina . I'm having a knee lift fitted.
    Thank you re, your S/m person

    1. Hi Cotton Reel - that's an amazing coincidence- the s/m person I was about to recommend was Steve!!

  9. I like it and even have a pattern for one nearly like it, but I'm not it's really my style. (I would have to wait until next fall to wear it anyway-we're already having summer weather here!)

  10. Nice gilet and red wellies but shame about the headscarf - she looks a right twerp in that !!

  11. I have a tweedy waistcoat that I bought twenty years ago- now where is it?


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