Thursday 24 May 2012

Ritz Crackers!


Thanks, Lakota, for the link to this wonderful flash mob in Moscow . Watch this, and you’ll be humming it all day!

dressed up like a million dollar trouper…

Putin on the Ritz?


  1. I always love the titles of your blog posts, Angela. They usually are some clever take on whatever subject you are posting about and I'll try to guess before I read your post. So today I was trying to figure out whether it was something about fancy hotels, rich people or something along those lines. Love the play on words! lol

    1. Thanks, Terri - I love making up interesting titles, and using word play. Hope you enjoyed the music!
      blessings x
      ps I love reading your blog too

  2. I wonder what Lenin would have thought?

    It was fascinating watching the crowd gradually joining in. Yes, you're right, I was singing it whilst cycling this afternoon.

  3. Absolutely good fun . I loved it

  4. Fabulous!! What fun! I would love to see one of these.


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