Tuesday 1 May 2012

High Fliers

The theme this term for the children at my school is the O*****c G***s. So the teacher of the youngest class has created an airport check in desk for O*****c Airways. She was showing me last week – it looked great – she’d prepared baggage labels, passports, tickets etc.

“What will the airport staff wear?” I asked. She showed me.


“What’s IR?” she asked – I told her it was International Rescue, from Thunderbirds [she’s so young!!]


“ Let me take them home tonight” I said – and got out the embroidery machine. I used the built in font, and a motif which comes already installed in the machine’s memory, to create a logo. I sewed that on to some denim scraps, then handstitched the patches to the gear.


The children were thrilled with their new uniforms on Friday.


Over the weekend, I used some navy fabric from the stash to make a second tabard and couple of waistcoats, and more forage caps.


In case you are wondering about all the asterisks, I am anxious to avoid infringing any copyright laws. Bob has warned me of the dangers of ‘unlimited fines’ for people using OG things when they haven’t paid!

Steph tells me that the bar at the Lords Cricket ground has had all its beer taps removed, because only Dutch Heineken beers can be sold at O*****c venues! Marston’s [the British brewers] has the beer concession at Lord’s, to sell Pedigree Bitter and is the official sponsor of the England cricket team, but their handpumps will be removed while the archery competition takes place during the Olympics. Portraits of cricketer Matthew Hoggard, Marston’s “beer ambassador”, will be covered up. Visitors to the world-famous cricket ground, with its long tradition of ale drinking, will be offered Dutch lager and anonymous keg bitter and cider. Shops within the O*****c Zone will be able to sell Coca Cola, but not Pepsi.

I believe the whole ‘protection of the O*****c brand’ thing is quite ridiculous. Check out the draconian rules here, and these news stories here and here.

656160-4 : ©Lionel Heap : Melton News : JJ Lingerie in Melton Mowbray Ordered to Remove Olympic Rings Shop Window Display : Owner of JJ Lingerie Julie Swayne with the rings she has been ordered to remove from her shop window by trading standards.

I have read the rules carefully, and I think we are OK with these costumes because they are part of a school project and not commercial and will not be worn outside school. [Please come and visit me in Holloway if I get sent down, won’t you!!]

You would be forgiven for thinking I was posting this on April 1st not May 1st – but I am not kidding. The LOCOG are apparently cracking down very hard on misuse of their brand, and no other brand names will be allowed anywhere near the events.

“What if I have a teeshirt that says ‘Jesus’, you have one that says ‘loves’ and Steph has one that says ‘you’ and we sit in a row?” I asked. Bob said even that would not be allowed because Jesus is not one of the brands who is sponsoring the OG. As far as I am concerned, Jesus is the ultimate brand leader!!


  1. Wow that is absolutely incredible, not to mention ludicrous!!! I would even go so far as to say that it is an infringement of civil liberties - you should be allowed to wear whatever you want! Seems that the Olympics are costing us tax payers a lot of money that we apparently don't have (did someone mention recession?) and yet ordinary people will see no benefit and certainly couldn't afford tickets ... mmm... rant over
    on another note, I have often admired your embroidery and although I have a reasonable sewing machine that does some embroidery, I can't do emblems and logos. Could you give me some advice on what to get please?
    I hope the little ones enjoy their day at school xx

  2. Love your post today...how exciting to own an embroidery machine. I agree with your last line in the post!

  3. You have left one of the O words in your post, just so you know.

    I think it's really silly some of the rules I've seen reported. I think its even more rediculous than barely any of the official sponsers are british brands!!! So come to UK to watch our games but drink lovely german beer and american soft drinks, and eat at Macds.
    x x x

  4. It took me a while to decipher the asterisks, but I'm not playing anyway! lol
    So from now on they shall here be known as the "Limpit Games" LOL Now then, should I brand that?

  5. Oh dear, this smacks so much of the Canadian Legion owning the poppy design/logo/flower.
    Jane x

  6. Loving the new logos, you are a whizz with your embroidering.

    X x

    PS here here to your last line. x

  7. I wondered what you were talking about at first and then it suddenly dawned. It is beyond belief. Your costumes look great - the Thunderbirds hat brought back memories!
    Love from Mum

  8. Dear me. Commercialism run amok. I must say the Olympics were much more fun when I was little - the athletes were actual amateurs (except the East Germans and Russians of course), the TV commercials were few, and existing buildings were used for the events. I believe the Los Angeles 1984 games were the last ones to turn a profit; since then they've all involved huge financial losses. All this despite the extensive marketing and brand-name in-fighting!

    Your patches are great. I think we all covet your embroidery machine. :)


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