Saturday 26 May 2012

Saints On The Street!

Chris Duffett – Baptist Union President, was in Leicester today - as part of the Big Hearted Tour – teaching us how to go out and share God’s love on the streets of our city. It was a glorious sunny day.


Here’s Tim, before we went out, holding up a Stop & Pray sign.

We did loads of things – giving people squares of chocolate [encased in foil and Union Jack wrappers] and free bottles of cool water- telling them that God loved them and they were special to Him.

We set up a maze in Town Hall Square- with a treasure chest in the middle. In the chest was a huge mirror – as people ‘found’ the treasure, they realised it was they themselves who were precious.

We invited people to draw themselves on bunting, or stand on the podium with ‘medals’ and be photographed.




One of the most popular activities was ‘ Be a VIP and walk the red carpet’ – with two guys in DJs and bowties inviting you to step on…



People clapped and cheered for the VIPs who walked down – here’s my mate Steve, enjoying his moment of glory.

At the end of the carpet, Her Majesty was waiting [not looking too cheerful, I must admit] and Chris The President was his ebullient self on the other side!

The whole day was really good – people were very receptive to what we said. We all learned a lot.


We weren’t into ‘heavy’ evangelism, preaching long sermons, or getting into arguments about belief – just saying “God loves you, you are special, we want you to be blessed” I’m so glad I went!

Do look out for Chris as he tours the country. His infectious enthusiasm for Jesus is unstoppable.

UPDATE – here’s a picture of yours truly dispensing chocolate and God’s love[from Chris’ facebook page]

ang and chocs


  1. Chris doesn't fancy a stopover in rural Ontario does he?
    Jane x

  2. This looks like a really excellent day. Heart warming and uplifting.

  3. What a fantastic idea! Wish I could have been there.

  4. Looks amazing Angela - so glad you all had a great day

  5. Loving every time you talk about thsi guy's ideas! Could you not bring him too in August??!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day - and it sounds like you've had a busy weekend.


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