Saturday 19 May 2012

The Willows Are First In Ruins, Then In Transit

Having been pictured alongside his favourite King, Mr Toad had a look at the Tudor home of the monarch’s great niece. Lady Jane Grey. Bradgate House is not far from Kirby Muxloe, and a mere stone’s throw from the village school where Ang has been working.


“But it’s a ruin!” cried Ratty.

“Yes, but a very OLD ruin” said Mole.

“She was a lovely young lady. It was sad they chopped her head off” said Toad.

“They do say that at the moment of her execution in London, all the birds in the Park here suddenly stopped singing” said Ang.

They came back to Kirby Muxloe and checked out the Castle there- more of a fortified house really- but also in disrepair.


“I like the moat- but I’d NEVER let Toad Hall fall into such a state”  declared Toad. Ang explained that KM castle was even older than Bradgate – but that Lord Hastings [Lady Jane’s brother-in-law] was unfortunately executed by Richard III before he could finish building it.

Descendants of this man claim that the throne of England is rightfully theirs- and we should not be acknowledging Elizabeth as Queen, but rather Michael Abney-Hastings, who now lives in Australia!


“I am getting rather bored with all this history” muttered Ratty. Ang apologised- she did get rather carried away when sharing Village Trivia.

“It’s time you three packed your things and moved on”

“I’m a little anxious” said Mole “it wasn’t very comfortable on that journey from the south. And our book is beginning to get a little worn. Can you do something about that. Ang?”


The sewing machines were still out from other projects- so Ang made a bookbag and sleeping bag.


The triumvirate agreed these looked much more suitable for the journey than being wrapped in tissue paper. Their passport was stamped and the Almond Household bade farewell to the Willows Gang.


Ang gave them a lecture on good manners and good grammar and then despatched them – assuring them that their next stay would definitely have fewer lessons, and more mess, muddle and fun.

“Off to Lancashire now – to a house in Willow Lane – how cool is that?” said Ang. [then remembered that one of her pupils has said she was probably too old to say ‘cool’ ] “You’ll love it! Goodbye”


  1. Oh, Ang! Such COOLNESS ! Maybe Pom Pom needs a grammar lesson, too! Smile.
    Thank you for hosting the Willows in such a generous fashion. The book bag and sleeping bag are wonderful!

  2. I hope they have as interesting a time here as they did with you!

    1. I am sure they will! I am looking forward to a picture next week of WOYWW? WITW!

  3. I felt quite teary seeing them leave...but onwards and upwards (literally)and I'm looking forward to their next adventures. I'm sure they'll Find Fun with Carolyn.
    Jane x


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