Tuesday 1 May 2012

Wild, Wet, Windy Willows

After their traumatic adventure down in Sussex, the Willows Three found themselves deposited on a doorstep in the East Midlands.


“Eey Oop Me Duck!” said the cheerful postman – which confused the trio inside the box- after all none of them displayed anatine characteristics. Or had he spoken in a foreign language?

But soon their hostess returned, and opened the box with excitement. The three were picked up, squeezed – and put back.


“Is she going to leave us in this box?” said Ratty “This tissue paper is awfully itchy”

“I am expecting the finest bedlinen, and my own ensuite bathroom” said Toad “This is the Old Rectory isn’t it?”

“No, it’s the New Manse” said Mole “Baptists and nonconformity and all that. Don’t get your hopes up, Toad”

The three were taken up to the guest room, and initially offered the main bed. They found the large pillow a little bit uncomfortable.


“Oh hang on” said their hostess “Can you fix the loft ladder, for me darling?” and she rushed out of the room. They heard the pattering of tiny[ish] feet, and waited anxiously…

Within minutes she was back with a tiny wooden bed.


“It’s no good, they will have to share. I trust none of them snores” And so saying, she tucked them up carefully and bid them goodnight.


“Why am I stuck in the middle?” said Toad.

“Oh do stop complaining” muttered Ratty “You are warm and comfortable, and nobody has started preaching at us yet”

Mole said nothing, he has rolled over on his side with his back to his friends. He was dreaming happily to himself of Pork Pies, and Red Leicester Cheese, and a crock of finest Stilton.pork pie stilton

Suddenly the door was flung open “Sorry, lads, forgot to say – you’ll have to fend for yourselves tomorrow. Got an Inspection at School and I am a little busy getting myself prepared for that. Can you fix your own snack? There’s plenty of yogurt in the fridge if Bob hasn’t eaten it all. And muesli in the dining room”

“Yogurt, Muesli, Inspections? Even that crazy woman in Belfast never offered us such bizarre things!” Toad harrumphed.

But the friends on either side of him were silent – they were worn out from travel and enjoying the clean bedlinen and quiet room.



  1. Oh dear, how will I ever compete with these tales and stories? I fearthe three will find rural France very boring, and my reports won't be very amusing either! Oh well. C'est la vie
    Dormouse xx

  2. Thats Mr Toad,for you ,he realy hasn't changed in all the time I have known him (and I played Ratty when I was 11 ....60 years ago in a school play ,I sang too 'All along the backwater, through the rushes tall ,ducks go a dabbling ,up tails all ' thanks for the memory ..love Jan xx

  3. What a lovely bed for the Willows! Silly Mr. Toad, so entitled! Thank you so much for offering up the finest hospitality, Ang!

  4. So glad the Willows made to you safely! Keep an eye on them--really, they get in all sorts of trouble if you turn your back.


  5. A good thing Badger didn't come too. I don't think he'd have liked sharing a bed. Best keep an eye on Toad or he'll be stealing your car. :)

  6. I'm with mole, dreaming of all that luscious food! Hope they can make their way here at some point, PomPom did say it was possible.

  7. Glad to see they've arrived! I'm a little behind on following their adventures. Will they need help opening the fridge do you think? I see the original envelope they were traveling in hasn't survived the rigors of world touring. But the mails got them through! I'll read on... :D


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