Sunday 13 May 2012

Keeping It All Together

Last Friday’s Assembly. Probably my last one at the village school.

In the room where we have assembly, there is a data projector with a ‘visualiser’[basically a webcam which shows the image on the screen] I put a number of items on the screen to show the children

First, a regular paperclip.

regular clip

“Anybody recall the French name for this? I taught you back in April?”

“Trombone” chorused the back row [oh, well remembered, class!]

I like this paperclip, it holds things together. I have a jar of cool different shaped paperclips in my house – and they remind me of the ways in which we can make sure our life holds together when things are in danger of falling apart.


The foot reminds me that it is important to walk the right way, and make good choices. To choose to do right and not wrong – to be sensible and not silly, to be kind and not unkind…


The thumbs up sign reminds me of the importance of encouragement. I know that I feel better if someone says ‘Well done’ or ‘That was a good lesson’ or ‘You did that really well’ – and we need to encourage each other. Say ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ and ‘that looks great!’ to your friends, teachers and family. Daily!


The treble clef reminds me of music – and art, and flowers, and all the beautiful things that make life lovely for us. We should look for beauty around us, and seek to make things beautiful- do our work neatly, give gifts that bring joy, sing when we are happy…[but probably not in the middle of lessons!]


And finally the heart reminds me about caring for one another. When things seem to be going disastrously wrong, or there are inspections or SATS tests looming, or I don’t feel well, whatever is making things fall apart - then knowing that I have friends and family who love me, and care for me is the best news of all.

That was the end of my assembly in school – but had I been using this idea in church [and if I was fortunate enough to possess one of these] I would have added this clip at the very end!cross

I know I don’t need to spell it out for you!


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  2. love your paper clips. We need a praying hands clip to show that prayer can hold a marriage together. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Have a great day!

    Elaine W. Miller

  3. Hello Angela, I had no idea paper clips came in different designs. Love your collection!

  4. Awesome! You are the assembly star speaker, I think!
    It's all about connecting and you are a fantastic connecter. I bet kids remember your words for years to come, Ang!
    I did know that Wendy House comes from Peter Pan, and I think I learned that from you guys (my darling UK blogger friends!)

  5. What a great collection of paper clips and a super assembly using them.

  6. Loved this post! Simple and direct! With love Penny L xx

  7. What a lovely assembly that must have been!


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