Monday, 28 May 2012

Send The Fire!

Yesterday morning in church, we sang the great Sally Army song ‘Send the fire’ – and in the afternoon, I got to carry the Olympic Torch. Yes I did. Look!


It was at the Groby Fun Day, organised by Churches Together in Groby [that’s a village just up the road from us]. Somebody had some sort of connection with the company that made the torches – and this is a spare or something [I never did get the whole story] Good friends Mike and Sue, just back from honeymoon held it too [spot Bob in his Sound Tent behind them]


The day was amazing. Puppetry, and games


Activities for all ages



Our Youth Worker Hayley won the game for ‘being covered in most clothes pegs in one minute’. Bob was a very Sound Guy


Our great mate Steve Price did some phenomenal illusions


The church folk laid on this day for their community and everything was absolutely free – tea, cakes, burgers, hot dogs, and ice pops.

Here’s a pair of suckers!


We ended the day with Church Outdoors.We cancelled the usual evening service at our place, so that our congregation could join in the open air worship


A great time was had by all and it was super to work alongside fellow Christians sharing God’s love with their community. Here’s hoping next Sunday is equally sunny and bright for our Village Event.


  1. This looks like it was so much fun. What a great way to enjoy this wonderful weather and social with friends all the while basking in the wonder that is the Lord.
    x x x

  2. Worshipping in God's outdoor church....wonderful.
    Jane x

  3. I think you all have far too much fun over there! Can't wait to see what happens when the fun moves to your village.


  4. Fun! Looks like everyone had a good time!


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