Sunday 20 May 2012

Cherry Ripe, Cherry Ripe

Come and buy!

Friends in Blogland, this is a request for help!

Three years ago I posted about a cake which I made from a Rachel Allen recipe [which used cherries] This weekend I have had a query from Anne [who saw that post] regarding a recipe she had years ago from the cook Michael Smith [he was on Pebble Mill back in the 1980s] for a cherry tart.


Anne asks if I have his recipe – but I don’t. She says “The almond mixture that went over the cherries was something like ground almonds, butter, icing sugar and maybe an egg” but she cannot remember the quantities. Anne lives in Valencia, Spain

Does anybody out there have this recipe, or something similar? It is cherry season in Valencia right now!

Please email me if you have the recipe tucked away somewhere. Thanks!


  1. I do have his book, but it is a removal storage place, sadly. I think the topping was a sort of Frangipane mixture.

    1. You're right- almonds DO come into it somewhere!

  2. sounds like a clafouti, which is a french kind of thing. I don't have a recipe but there is one on bbc good food and if she googles it it will pop up.

  3. Hello Angela,
    Sorry I can't help with the recipe but I can bring you good news. You have won my blog giveaway :) Pop me your address and I will get your prize in the post :)
    x x x


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