Wednesday 23 May 2012

The Green Leaves Of Summer

“Try growing salad leaves” said ElizabethD to me last year.

[E formerly blogged as French Village Life – but has now renamed her blog Cornish Cream since she returned to the West Country]

I explained that cress-on-a-flannel is beyond me – but a few weeks back, I found a pack of seeds [they came free with something or other] so I tried sprinkling them on some compost. They grew!

I transplanted the seedlings and put them outside. And look…


If only I had done what the pack said, and sown fresh crops of seeds at regular intervals… Never mind - very soon we shall be eating these. My first ever home-grown lettuces.

[Well it is exciting for ME, I realise that most of YOU can grow crops like this without thinking about it – but it is a very significant event in MY back garden!]

D’you remember The Alamo? This song was in the film


  1. Way to go! I'm on my lunch break at school, wishing I had some fresh lettuce to munch on! See? YOU CAN grow things, Ang!

  2. Success!
    Should we now call you Farmer Almond?
    Jane x

  3. I think your homegrown lettuce is very exciting! We are at the end of our lettuce season here, which makes me quite sad. Enjoy yours!


  4. I'm not terribly good at growing things, so would be eqully excited. I've had a raspberry bush for about 3 years - last year I got three raspberries. Result!

  5. You can cut them now and leave them and they will regrow. You'll have those expensive "baby leaf" salad that the supermarkets sell at £1.50 a bag and still have more growing.

  6. I'm very excited for you - they will taste fab!

  7. I just picked our first lettuce of the year and it's VERY exciting! (Also it tastes wonderful.)

    Congratulations on your hitherto-unsuspected green and red thumb.

  8. Don't forget to grow some more pea shoots this year. You grew some of those successfully last year so you could have a mixed salad this year. I get a tremendous sense of pride in eating food that we have grown ourselves rather than just bought in the shops. And it just tastes so much better.


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