Monday 7 May 2012

Cereal Port

addis boxBreakfast grains come in a multitude of packages, and I have three of these tall boxes which live in a cupboard in the kitchen. I usually decant packets straight into these when I get back from the shops.

But over the winter two have ended up full of pasta [bulk buy from Approved Foods] and only one contains oats [for our daily porridge]

When I was getting ready for Steph and Mark’s recent visit, I bought a variety of cereals – muesli, granola and fruit’n’fibre. It is good to offer guests a choice! As we have just eaten up some of last summer’s bottled fruit, I had some glass jars clean and empty. So…


I was teased about the fact that standing on the dining room sideboard, they look “hotellish” [is that a word?] but I quite like their appearance. In 2003 an undercover Daily Mirror reporter took photos of the breakfast table at Buckingham Palace. It seems that HM has her cereal in Tupperware boxes. Try this idea, Ma’am, I think it looks much better!!


  1. I think they look really smart. I would love to do this idea for my home but I don't think the glass containers would match well with my toddler lol so I will stick to plastic for now lol x xx

  2. The lids on mason jars are a bit tricky for me...I put my cereal in plastic containers otherwise by the time I'd wrestled with the mason jar lid I'd have gone off cereal and had toast instead!
    Jane x

  3. Great idea Jan xx

  4. I like your jars of cereal very much! I have several jars like this in the pantry for pasta and rice, and I always feel pleased and orderly when I see them.



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