Monday, 22 August 2011

Time To Go Home

After a fabulous weekend with all the family [Adrian, Marion, Lucy, Liz, Jon, Steph and Mark] Cornerstones seems quite empty! But now it is time to pack up and return to KM. Holidays are for rest and recreation, and re-creation, to equip us for the work ahead.

Time to load up the car with all the stuff – bikes on the roof, leftover food in the coolbox, dirty laundry in bags. And all the odd little things I hadn’t expected to be taking back – a box full of jars of bottled fruit and chutney and jellies, random 2nd hand books, and Saturday’s treasures.

On our way to Bircham Windmill, on Saturday, we stopped at a Yard Sale in Bintree. We all agreed we had not seen anything quite like it. Steph found an advertising postcard for SAB Miller [her employers] Jon found a huge pile of vinyl ‘45s’ of assorted vintage. And I got…

Well, I ignored the wonderful Acme Wringer…


…and the aged Norfolk magazines…


…and the revolving safety signal, and the cocktail mixer…


But I actually found the very thing  which our church has been lacking for some years [I kid you not] I found two new easel pegs for the church easel! We have improvised with batteries and felt pens and things – and whenever it happens [usually on a Sunday just befre a Family Service] Bob says “Remind me to cut two bits of dowel to fit” and I always forget. But now, look!!


Two lovely easel pegs, a pair of good sharp pinking shears [so I do not have to keep taking mine down to Sewing Club] and half a dozen postcards showing Mr Robinson holding his Mammoth Improved Onion. This lot cost me £3.

“What if they don’t fit the easel?” I speculated

“Ask the Vicar to shave a bit off” said the lady.

“Have you got a lathe for sale?” said Bob

“Oh yes, out the back, it’s still in its box!” she replied.

We did not buy the lathe

And the other lady said “We did wonder what those two bits of wood were for. We had no idea. I’m glad you have a use for them. Fancy somebody turning up today who needed pegs for an easel…”

Feeling so thankful, for a lovely family, great friends, super holiday, and Cornerstones to enjoy it all in. So many, many blessings.


  1. Holidays come to an end far too quickly don't they. I do hope you feel refreshed and ready for the months ahead. x

  2. So glad you have had such a relaxing holiday. How funny to find easel pegs...just what one has always needed! But leave the cocktail mixer?? It might have come in useful!

  3. Isn't it amazing what you can find at yard sales. I had to smile at the Acme Wringer! I remember one of those being the latest new fangled item in my mother's laundry when I was a kid growing up. I think she was secretly very pleased to get rid of it when we 'upgraded' to one of the new fangled washing machines that had a similar electric wringer attached to the top - the kind that many kids had their arms 'burned' from in those days. (Shudder at the thought). Glad you got your easel pegs though! Blessings!

  4. Oh, you have the happiest heart, Ang! I'm so glad you rested!


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