Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tubtrugs And Trivia


This is a tubtrug. I love flexible tubtrugs. I have 6 of them – 4 purple, 1 pink and 1 yellow [actually the pink and yellow are not genuine – and they are not such good quality]

I dream of possessing a rainbow of them…

tubtrug stack

I have spent most of today unloading them – the house is full of trugs and boxes overflowing with the debris** of holiday club and that all needed to be sorted. The trugs were emptied- then filled with loads of washing, as I try to get ready for holiday. Then I found a trug which had shopping in it from two weeks ago [cans and packets] which had somehow got pushed into a corner and not put away [now coated with fine layer of Plaster of Paris dust!]

I've posted my blogswap to Canada [at last] – and a snake to a friend who asked for one at the BBQ last night [that’s a bottletop snake, not a real one]


I came upstairs an hour ago to sort the laundry and begin the ironing…but have got distracted catching up with all the blogs I have not had time to read this week. People back from holiday, getting degrees, reading and reviewing books, buying and selling things, celebrating various anniversaries…and there is no time for lots of proper comments, so

welcome home, thankyou and congratulations!

[delete where applicable]

Bob has got the motorbike ready for riding to Norfolk on Monday – and put bicycle racks on the roof of his car [which I shall be driving]

I must go and sort out all that laundry or we will be without clothes next week!

[**after all that effort, I have half a dozen plaques left over – but have found good homes for the spare bottle tops]


  1. Thank you for the (Welcome home is the most appropriate, got back today!), hope you enjoy your holiday and have weather as good as we did.

  2. What a wonderful use for the tubs. I have a green one. Think I'll go clean it out for laundry and shopping. Used to use it for my crochet projects. Might get a couple to put in the car truck to hold grocery bags. That would be an easier to get stuff in the house. Thanks for the thoughts! ~Liz

  3. Well, would you believe that I bought a blue trug tub thing this week- supposedly for all these beach days we've been deliciously having so that buckets, spades, knights and pruck can go with one boy instead of two plus me! But it hasn't got through the hall yet and is settling comfortably in to a catcher of crocs and bags- suits me either way! Glad you're back with us fully! Have a fantastic holiday- I really can't think of two people who deserve it more!

  4. You appear to be "wearing" two yellow tubs on the photo, have you lost one? You really deserve your holiday, I don't know where you get the energy from. We seem to have adopted a one eyed snake!!

  5. I got as far as "...Bob has got the motorbike ready.." amd I wondered where on earth were you going to put the tubs this time!
    Jane x
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments.
    Yes Chris- we did start with TWO yellow trugs - but one split almost immediately [having been used to carry balls of wool!] so we got it replaced. The other split a couple of weeks ago, and I cannot be bothered to go back to Wickes and make a fuss again! There are bottle-top snakes everywhere round here it seems.
    Mags - thats 'crocs' as in shoes, not as in 'crocodiles?'[do they eat snakes?]
    Jane - all the luggage is coming in the car with me!
    Carolyn - hope your folks house-move went OK
    S of L -thanks for your comment!

    have a good weekend everyone x

  7. Those are pretty cool Tubtrugs. You work so hard before, during, and after Holiday Bible Club. I hope you have a peaceful rest.

  8. Those are the ones that you wear on your head, yes?
    Have a very restful holiday, you surely deserve it after your busy time.

  9. Hi, Angela,
    A few months ago a random blog reader helped me solve my problem of not being able to post comments on your blog, and since then I've been free of restrictions!
    I keep buying more trugs myself, in different sizes, but mostly have used the larger ones to collect trimmings and weeds in the garden.
    A blessed Summertime to you....


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