Sunday 19 July 2009

All the Fun of the Fair!

Arrived at Liz's flat on the dot of noon, and we packed a picnic and went off to Brockwell Park for this. Discovered almost immediately that despite new batteries, my camera refused to work at all! So all the pictures this weekend will be ones I have borrowed from other internet sources. The Park was absolutely packed and the weather was gorgeous.

There were loads of things to see, but we began by sitting on the large foam 'slices of bread' at the Warburtons stand and eating our salmon sandwiches and amazing flat donut peaches which Liz had brought

We looked at the animals in the City Farm Area, the various craft and charity stalls, the wonderful selection of food stalls and generally had loads of fun. We met some of Liz's friends, and it was great.

Also entered a competition with Lambeth Library to win a hamper of books. I confess I did ring Bob to check answers for a couple of the questions - but between us, Liz and I thought we knew 95% of the solutions.

They had a fabulous vegetable sculpture competition. Loads of models in tribute to Michael Jackson, made of aubergines and potatoes- but sadly I can find no pictures of them.

In the evening we went to Kingly Street near Liberty's and had a great Japanese meal at Ramen Seto

We followed this with coffee and cream puffs from Beard Papa round the corner.

Then home on the bus - passing Trafalgar Square again[outward journey we observed a scotsman in a kilt on The Plinth, return journey, a woman crawling out of a small tent]

After relaxing in front of the tV for a bit, off to bed! Jon's away this weekend with Monkey Steak, and I slept in the studio/spare room, surrounded by heaps of electronic stuff/PA gear [just like home!!]
This morning, woke early and listened to the Morning Service from Derbyshire on Radio 4, and then sat down to type this.
I hope it publishes OK - it is always harder working on an unfamiliar PC - but thanks Liz for the use of it!


  1. So glad you had a lovely time together.

  2. Yum, salmon sandwiches! You must be the fun mum! I hope you win the books! Oh, and I love the veggie sculptures. I think I might have a contest at school. The prize? A lovely dictionary!

  3. Looks like you had a marvelous time! flat donut peaches?? I've never heard of them but they sound delicious! Are they doughnuts? or fruit??

    I'm hoping you win the books too. I can hardly wait to see the titles.


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