Saturday 4 July 2009

Celebrating the Fourth Of July

On the way back from the Bank, we stopped at our local home for the Visually Impaired because it was their Summer Fayre.


Lots of gazebos in the grounds, and displays of dancing, and martial arts and all the usual stuff [Bouncy Castles, Tombolas etc etc]


It is quite close to school, so there were lots of children coming up and saying "Hello, Miss!" - and others asking Bob about Holiday Club.

We looked at the chickens - and I daydreamed about retiring to Norfolk and having some of my own fowl and fresh free range eggs!


We queued at the Tea Pavilion for our Cream Tea. Then we drove down the road to Margaret's house. In her garden, they were having a Cream Tea in aid of the East Africa playgrounds. So we forced ourselves to eat more cakes and drink tea!


After chatting to all the church members at that event, we walked up the road a dozen or so houses, to Alyson's Dad's. Alyson belongs to our church, but her Dad [Bob] belongs to the Parish Church. He was hosting a Cream Tea in aid of the Marie Curie Nurses.

DSCF0020 Here is Bob with Susan.

His garden, like Margaret's, is an absolute picture.

Yes, we ate still more scones and strawberries and drank more tea.

One child, perplexingly, had decided to block out the adults conversations. I just had to take a photograph of him with the cups over his ears!


We chatted to lots of friends there too - some of whom we had encountered at the other events.

Then we decided that we had eaten and drunk quite enough, and made our charitable contributions, so finally we came home.

I think I have put on half a stone in weight in the last few hours. I wonder if there is a record for the number of Cream Teas happening in One Parish in One Afternoon?

Lots of fun, lots of celebration - but not a Star Spangled Banner to be seen. But if you want to celebrate America, check out Kevin Connolly's piece which he did on 'From Our Own Correspondent' this morning. It was interesting and informative and made me smile as I listened to it in the car.

4th july


  1. What a day! A cream tea sounds fantastic!

  2. Sounds a bit like the Vicar of Dibley episode where Geraldine had to eat 3 Christmas dinners !!


  3. As I don't watch V of D, this episode had passed me by. But at this rate, I shall certainly be assuming Dawn French Proportions!


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