Friday 3 July 2009


This morning I lifted my best Archers Mug out of the cupboard, and the handle came off in my hand! Bob has kindly reattached said handle - but the mug is now only safe to use as a pen-pot, not as a drinking vessel. This brought a load of unanswered questions into my head.

If you do not listen the 'The Archers', please don't bother reading any further in this post, it will make very little sense to you!!

But has anybody got any answers to these conundrums?


1 - Why is it always the mug you really like which breaks, and not the tacky one you got free from some promotional event?





tim bentinck

2 - Why does David Archer [Tim Bentinck] keep turning up on "Kingdom" on Sunday nights, as the Judge in the Law Courts? Shouldn't he be at cricket practice in Ambridge?





matt crawford

3 - Channel 5 trailers - are they being voiced by Matt Crawford?[Kim Durham] It sounds like him, muttering about "Sponsored by Kia Soul" Do the Serious Fraud Office know about this moonlighting?




usha gupta

4 - Trouble at the Vicarage [not to be confused with the recent trailer, when the BBC announcer referred to Roy's problems with "The Lutherans" when I think he meant "The Latvians"] Isn't it a bit late for Alan to be worrying about Usha's impact on his ministry?




5 - And most important of all - is Phil Archer [Norman Painting] OK? I haven't heard  him speak for ages. I know I have missed a few episodes along the way, but I don't recall him being mentioned much either, except in his absence. Can't seem to find any info about this anywhere. Jill, get off that plinth, leave the bees, and go and find him!


If you can shed any light on these mysteries, do let me know.

Yes I know Borsetshire isn't a real county - but I still try and visit every evening between 7 and 7.15 if I can.

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  1. I followed The Archers for many years millions of years ago when it first began...that ages me! Now we dont listen to very much on a radio as we are limited as to which channels we can receive here.
    Buy a new mug!


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