Sunday 26 July 2009

No Business Like Show Business

Thursday at Holiday Club is always Dress-Up Day, when we invite children [and staff] to come dressed in something representing the theme. So this year, we are asking for 'someone from a musical'. I have been agonising about this.

Bearing in mind my family's London roots, should I go for Shani Wallis playing 'Nancy' in "Oliver"?




Nope, I don't think I should represent a girl with that much cleavage showing and a criminal boyfriend




Or maybe Audrey Hepburn in "My Fair Lady"...

my fair lady



Lovely costumes, but rather impractical - and you need to be very slim and very elegant to carry that one off!





Bearing in mind that my beloved has a nice leather jacket, just like John Travolta in "Grease", there's always the Olivia Neutron-Bomb option

olivia nj Grease


But again, I am not slim enough. And they sewed her into those trousers and she couldn't sit down in them!!

That won't do at all




I am only 3cm shorter than Liza Minelli, and I loved the film "Cabaret"




But somehow this outfit seems slightly inappropriate for the Pastor's Wife too!







But, I love hymn singing, and I am extremely good at making clothes out of old curtains, so maybe Julie Andrews is the way forward?

Julie A - sound of music




That seems so...virtuous and worthy...I want to be a bit more exciting than that...



What about something eastern and exotic?



Ah, Kismet...

Who could forget the song

"Take my hand, I'm a strange looking parasite"





Or another Howard Keel success - I could be Ava Gardner in Showboat




"Sharks gotta swim and bats gotta fly, I'm gonna love one man till I die"






I'm no good on roller skates, so that rules out this one...



Bob has got his costume sorted.

The important thing is to find a character whose costume can be produced with minimum effort and expense from the stuff already in our wardrobes.



Aha! inspiration has struck. But you'll just have to wait and see...

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  1. I vote for Mary Poppins. She's my favorite and you are extremely wise and resourceful just like her! I'm dying of suspense! Have fun!


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