Sunday 26 July 2009

Pass The Word On

can phone The theme of this morning's service was all about passing on The Story to future generations, and if we know God's Word, and are familiar with the story, and can speak confidently of what He has done in our lives, then we should be sharing that story with others.

Due to a technical glitch, the data projector stuck just as one hymn was due to start. Linda kept playing the organ, I don't think she was aware of the lack of on-screen words. The congregation just got on with it and sang the hymn faultlessly, and eventually the words came up. But as Bob pointed out, knowing the hymn well, and knowing the truth of its words meant we could sing it confidently from memory

Tell me the old, old story,of unseen things above,
Of Jesus and His glory, of Jesus and His love;
Tell me the story simply, as to a little child,
For I am weak and weary, and helpless and defiled.

Tell me the story slowly, that I may take it in--
That wonderful redemption, God's remedy for sin;
Tell me the story often, for I forget so soon,
The "early dew" of morning has passed away at noon.

Tell me the story softly, with earnest tones and grave;
Remember I'm the sinner whom Jesus came to save;
Tell me the story always, if you would really be,
In any time of trouble, a comforter to me.

Tell me the same old story, when you have cause to fear
That this world's empty glory is costing me too dear;
And when the Lord's bright glory is dawning on my soul,
Tell me the old, old story: "Christ Jesus makes thee whole."

Tell me the old, old story, of Jesus and His love.

This time last week, I was wandering round the City of London Cemetery with Liz. I would just point out that "Ernest Tones And Grave" is not a firm of Undertakers in the East End!!

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