Thursday 23 July 2009

Books, Bags and A Forgotten Purse

What a day! Knowing our first visitors are coming to Cornerstones this weekend, I wanted to get a proper Visitors’ Book. The only one I could find was this – with a picture looking like a group of Aunties on a sofa.

DSCF0033  We didn’t really like the cover – so I embroidered a picture and sewed a new cover with some Stash Fabric.

I was quite pleased with the result.

My other task this morning was to sew a bag for the Garden Draughts Game I got a couple of weeks ago. I thought this would be a good thing to have for visitors. But it came in a rather flimsy box. When I got back from London, I looked for the game – but could not find it. Apparently Bob used the game for Sunday’s Children’s Talk, and it was still at the  church





Anyway I made a new bag from mesh [so it will drain nicely if it gets wet]



It is quite a large board –

and good value for £5 instead of

£20 I thought!

So that was my sewing done, and then we


had lunch and Bob helped me load the car. I had a list of things to buy once I got to Norfolk and a list of jobs to accomplish at Cornerstones.

Then, about eight miles from home, just as I was on the far side of Leicester, I pulled into a pub car park. I could not  remember picking up my purse. Checked my bag – no purse.

Rang Bob – who found the purse at home, and promptly offered to bring it over to me. Grateful thanks to long-suffering husband . Thanks also to the staff at The Rose & Crown, Houghton On The Hill, who heard my sad story and kindly served me a coffee which I couldn’t pay for till Bob arrived!

As I waited for Bob, I read my paper. No iffy words in crossword- but on page 10, there was a headline reading “No showstoppers, but architecture finalists have Stirling quality”

Once I had my purse, I drove to Cornerstones with no further incident!

I was able to cut the grass before the rain started, and met another of my new neighbours. Then I did various jobs round the house. After a bit of a struggle, managed to get onto the Internet [this is the world’s slowest laptop!]

Also arranged some flowers in the bedroom for my guests


Liz has donated some mugs and some books, and I have brought down a random selection of DVDs and CDs. Bob has produced a laminated set of instructions for operating the heating boiler. I hope we have provided all the things our visitors might require.

I must stop being anxious, and go to bed. It’s odd being here alone, but thrilling to realise that in just two weeks, Holiday Club will be over, I will be here again with all the family.


  1. I marvel at what you get done in ONE day, Angela! I love your morning sewing. Clever!

  2. Love reading your blogposts but don't often comment! Pretty arrangement of flowers! Hope you had a good rest!

  3. Glad it all turned out well and I like the photo album cover.
    Cal x


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