Friday 17 July 2009

Elephants and Esperanto

elephant & c Looking forward greatly to tomorrow - going to visit Liz and Steph in London. Haven't seen Liz & Jon since Christmas, so that will be really good.

Liz lives close to Elephant and Castle,

met tab

within walking distance of the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Over a hundred years ago, my great-grandmother used to come here, to  hear Mr Spurgeon preach and lead Bible Studies.

Not sure exactly what Liz has got planned - but I know we will have loads of fun. We are going to Steph's place on Sunday night for a meal. How blessed I am to have such brilliant daughters, who cook so much better than I do!

esperanto hymnal On a totally random and unconnected note, did you know that there is an Online Esperanto Hymnal ? Bob and I discovered it very last night whilst we were searching for another hymn. Some dear soul has spent ages translating lots of popular hymns into Esperanto. Why? and does he also preach in Esperanto? There are apparently about 2 million speakers worldwide. It is a fascinating site. One of the Easter hymns refers to "Morton Travis" - which I think means "Death is conquered" - but sounds to me like a Theatre Critic writing for the Sunday Times!

esperanto bible

The Bible Society obviously takes the language seriously, as they first published a translation of the Bible into Esperanto in 1926, less than fifty years after the language was invented.

I've checked out some useful phrases - just in case I meet any Esperantans near the Elephant!

Bonan matenon - Good morning

Mi nomiĝas Angela - My name is Angela

Kiel vi fartas? - How are you

Kio estas tio? - What is that?

Tio estas hundo - That is a dog

Mi ne komprenas vin - I don't understand you

Ĝis revido - Goodbye


  1. Amazing about your great grandmother listening to Charles Spurgeon! Wow! I hope you have a wonderful time with your girls!

  2. Hmmmm. I've often wondered about Esperanto and whether anyone actually spoke it. It looks very close to Spanish to me.

  3. It's a pity that most people are unaware the Esperanto has become a living language.

    If your readers have a moment they might like to see httpL//

  4. Thanks for the link to the Esperanto website, Brian! It certainly looks easier than Welsh, [I notice Llandudno is the venue for the 2010 esperanto congress]

    Elizabethd - I'm sure you must be good at languages, living in Normandy!

    PP - yes, I plan to really enjoy myself


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