Sunday 5 July 2009

Picnic In The Park

As the deer pants for the water,
So my soul longs after You.
You alone are my heart's desire,
And I long to worship You.
You alone are my strength, my shield;
To You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my heart's desire,
And I long to worship You.


After church, we went to Bradgate Park for a Church Picnic, and this beautiful deer reminded Bob and me of Psalm 42


We are so fortunate to have such a lovely venue within a few miles of church. After this morning's service, many of us crowded outside the church for a photograph in the sunshine.


Then we went off to the Park - David was soon dozing in his chair!


Elizabeth sat on her blanket and we talked about temperatures in India.


Others opted for the shade of a tree


Not sure what the joke was that this group were enjoying


We'd also got cookies to eat, made by the Sewing Club, and sold in aid of Samaritan's Purse.

positive impact picnic Rose, from Sewing Club, had actually finished the piece of embroidery she had begun last week. What enthusiasm! That little project was supposed to keep the girls going over the summer till we start back in September- and she had completed it in just a few days.


Rose brought the sewing to the picnic to show us. She had embellished the design with a few sequins.

This is going to be part of the front cover of the needlecases we are making in the autumn.

For her first ever piece of embroidery, I think she has done a brilliant job!


It was warm and sunny, despite the forecast of rain. In fact apart from a light shower whilst we were in church this evening, it has been sunny all day. Another lovely Sunday

You're my friend and You are my brother
Even though You are a King.
I love You more than any other,
So much more than anything.
I want You more than gold or silver,
Only You can satisfy.
You alone are the real joy giver,
And the apple of my eye.


  1. I love that Psalm and when I'm alone (so nobody else had to listen!) I like to sing it. My soul does long for Him.

  2. We often sing that , and I love it, so meaningful.
    What fun your picnic looked.


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